Welcome to Tikva

This is the site of Emma, whiterider, Nysha, and/or That Git Over There. Its purpose is part egotism and part that of a fun challenge for myself - namely, coding without anyone nagging me to hurry up and finish it. You've no idea how much more fun it is this way!

There's also the fact that I hate to see this wonderful domain just rotting away - used for email and file storage and not much else. Its original purpose may not have come to fruition yet, but it's not forgotten, so it seems sensible to inject some life into it.

Eventually, this page will contain a feed of updates to my blogs, changes to the site, and space ponies. For now it will serve as an embarrassing demonstration of the fact that I couldn't get the content div to 100% viewport height.

By the way, I will be keeping tabs on my viewing stats. Of course they'll be miniscule; but the point of this is to make a threat - if I catch a single person viewing this site in IE6, I will make it totally W3C standards compliant, just to annoy you and your shitty browser.

Most pages are incomplete. I'll remove the navbar links to non-existent pages to save folks running into 404s all the time.